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"The terrorist threat is rising, his sister and his mother are tucked away somewhere in a corner page with a single-column coverage. Abhishek Sharma, Especially striking was her ‘Kisiko itna bhi mat darao’ dialogue, there is little that the administration can do. from where he is currently a Member of Parliament.Former Patel Nagar MLA and Congress leader Rajesh Lalotia also contested the elections under this project and received only 47 votes During polling 6 voting were held invalid Congress flags seen in this file photo Representational Image AFP Ajay Maken has already nominated as candidate from the New Delhi Lok Sabha seat under the primaries project However formal announcement is yet to be made by the Central Election Committee of the party in this regard Sources said that party’s central election committee will hold a meeting to discuss the candidates’ names for Delhi’s seven Lok Sabha seat PTI Updated: June 2 2016 9:41 am The Indian economy’s remarkable fourth quarter performance clearly indicates it has been aided in no small measure by a consumption-led demand boost in 2015-16 Top News The Central Statistics Office’s provisional estimate of national income released on Tuesday states the economy grew at 76 per cent in 2015-16 compared with an estimated 72 per cent in the previous year The Indian economy’s remarkable fourth quarter performance clearly indicates it has been aided in no small measure by a consumption-led demand boost in 2015-16 Sequentially the 79 per cent jump in the GDP growth rate in Q4 (January-March 2016) is the highest among the four quarters in the last financial year A robust private consumption growth of 74 per cent during the year helped the economy cross the $2 trillion-mark The CSO data surprisingly shows a sharp increase in “discrepancies” (at Rs 143 trillion) at constant prices in the quarter ending March 2016 “Discrepancies” is the difference in GDP numbers measured by the production and expenditure approaches But this is not out of the ordinary and has been high during the last decade As a series of reports on the state of the economy in this newspaper last week said the consumption story will play out fully during the current financial year and the next year too on the back of the Pay Commission awards a good monsoon that will improve rural incomes easing liquidity and lower interest rates India given its demographic profile will remain a consumption story for a long time given that consumption demand accounts for 54 per cent of the GDP Green shoots of recovery — higher light commercial vehicle and three-wheeler sales as also firming up of freight rates — visible since the beginning of calendar year 2016 have brought excitement back to the outlook What is critical though is for these green shoots to strike roots so that the growth momentum is sustained This is where private investment has to take the baton from the government — both at the Centre and in the states Gross fixed capital formation — an indicator of investment by the private sector — slowed down to 39 per cent in 2015-16 compared with 49 per cent in the previous year Private investment continues to remain moribund and companies are nowhere close to 80-85 per cent capacity utilisation levels at which they start thinking of expanding and making fresh investments Coupled with the pain of excess capacity is the debt burden that corporates are carrying on their balance sheets and risk aversion among banks to lend even if they can It is during these times the Centre can boost sentiment further by pushing through legislation such as the Goods and Services Tax that alone will add 15-2 per cent to the GDP The states which are the principal point of contact for investors can overhaul their governance structures to significantly improve parameters that add to the “ease of doing business” (This editorial first appeared in the print edition under the headline ‘Not so fast’) For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by P Chidambaram | Updated: October 6 2016 2:18 pm Members of the Dalit community salute the Indian flag they hoisted as they gather for a rally in Una (AP Photo) Top News On July 11 2016 a video of cow vigilantes mercilessly beating up seven Dalit men for skinning a dead cow in Una district Gujarat came to light In protest against the incident many Dalits have refused to handle cow carcasses The gau rakshaks should be happy but they are not Non-Dalits presumably including gau rakshaks have retaliated with more violence against Dalits — this time for not picking up cow carcasses — in Samter (August 16) Bhavra (August 20) and Rajkot (August 24) all in Gujarat Herein lies the Dalit dilemma — he is damned if he does and he is damned if he doesn’t Watch| Rohith Vemula Not A Dalit Neither His Mother: HRD Commission’s Findings The bane of Hindu society is varna the four-tier arrangement said to be sanctified by the scriptures The arrangement encompassed the majority and assigned them places but it also excluded a large number The excluded were the outcasts or the untouchables Inequality by birth was the basis of the arrangement That inequality stayed with you throughout your life Violence against Dalits is the punishment for disobeying the rules of the arrangement Rohith Vemula summed it up: “My birth is my fatal accident” The Dalit Mobilisation The Dalits have decided that enough is enough They have decided to mobilise The scale of social mobilisation of Dalits in Gujarat and Maharashtra and to some extent in other parts of the country has not been seen in recent times Although much of the media is not covering them massive rallies and marches are being held There is palpable anger in the community because of the sense of impunity with which they are being subjected to violence in certain parts of the country According to the National Commission for Scheduled Castes in 2015 Gujarat reported the highest crime rate against Dalits followed by Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan Dalits are angry about the hollowness of the current hyper-nationalism where everything about India is called great and every criticism is labelled as anti-national They are angry about the way the Una incident and other such incidents are being dismissed as isolated or as conspiracies It is noteworthy that the boycott of cow carcasses the rallies and the marches have happened through social not political mobilisation After a long period of silence the Prime Minister spoke on August 6 He said “I get so angry at those who are into the gau rakshak business… I have seen that some people are into crimes all night and wear the garb of gau rakshaks in the day” The very next day at a rally he said “You can shoot me rather than target the Dalits” This is a strange statement for a Prime Minister: he should use the enormous powers of his office to punish the perpetrators of violence Change Agonisingly Slow Change is taking place but it is agonisingly slow In urban areas where economic and professional identities usually take precedence and in parts of India where social movements have brought about change a majority of Hindus do not feel passionate about the caste order Many Hindus may still prefer marriages within the caste but have friends among Dalits Many may express angst about the reservation system but do not begrudge the limited preference to Dalits in educational institutions and in some jobs However there is a section of Hindu society that continues to look back with nostalgia at the days of caste domination Many of them have read a sign of approval in the BJP’s victory in 2014 The cow vigilantes are the latest manifestation of centuries of a supremacist ideology The flurry of bans on cow slaughter and beef consumption and the aggressive majoritarian narrative have given them fresh wind Few people saw the casteist agenda more clearly than Dr Ambedkar and ‘Periyar’ E V Ramasamy Both were pessimistic about the reformation of Hindu society Dr Ambedkar did not think that Dalits could find dignity within the fold of the Hindu religion and urged them to convert to Buddhism Periyar’s way was atheism and rationalism The third way is reform of the Hindu social order and accelerating the trends that will usher in a new social order — education industrialisation urbanisation communication and technological advance The Constitutional Goal For the Hindu hyper-nationalists the idea of a ‘Hindu’ nation is superior to the idea of a constitutional democratic republic They will sweep the pains of caste history under the carpet They think that to uphold the idea of a ‘Hindu’ nation it is necessary to underplay its flaws and hide the price that is paid by millions of Dalits and the minorities On the other hand the Constitution-makers did not deny the existence of these problems: they acknowledged the prevalence of caste differences and discrimination and formulated what they believed would be intermediate solutions such as reservation for the Scheduled Castes and rights of minorities The real focus of the Constitution is to secure a set of natural rights that every Indian should enjoy irrespective of the historical injustices It is to make caste religion and gender irrelevant to citizenship and citizens’ rights The project of creating this sense of equal citizenship is still a work-in-progress in this vast and complex land Hindu hyper-nationalism which is a form of majoritarianism is at odds with the constitutional project The conflict is playing out in an increasingly violent manner before our eyes The consequences of a long-drawn conflict will be terrible for the country and its progress toward the goal of a peaceful and prosperous nation Website: pchidambaramin @Pchidambaram_IN For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shaikh Ayaz | New Delhi | Updated: April 15 2017 10:36 pm The terms ‘woman-oriented’ ‘female empowerment’ ‘shero’ ‘fourth Khan’ and ‘superwoman’ are thrown around in generous doses to describe Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut Related News According to Silk aka Reshma the erotica star of The Dirty Picture only three ingredients guarantee a film success: “Entertainment entertainment and entertainment” It was Vidya Balan as the sexy siren Silk Smitha who mouthed that line in her raunchy come-hither voice and made it famous Balan who not long ago was the most powerful woman in Bollywood recently in an interview with Anupama Chopra emphasised yet again why entertainment must not be sneered at “I don’t know why entertainers would be a rung lower than poets or musicians” she told Chopra in response to a question “I take great pride” she went on “in the fact that I’m an entertainer It takes a lot to entertain people to keep people engaged to keep people engrossed It’s no mean feat I really think that we mitigate the value of entertainment Whatever you do in life – you may be a doctor a surgeon a policeman a soldier or people from films or a student – everyone wants to be entertained” Begum Jaan the title character that Balan plays in her latest offering that released on April 14 would agree A madam of a brothel Begum Jaan thrives on supplying pleasure and entertainment to the male clientele The film is set against the backdrop of Partition and already comparisons are being drawn with Shyam Benegal’s 1983 comedy Mandi in which a brothel run by Shabana Azmi is forced to relocate to the outskirts of the town Begum Jaan’s success is crucial for Vidya Balan’s star power if not exactly survival Even if there’s enough “entertainment” in it to satisfy a hungry public what’s going both in favour and against the film is Balan herself Balan is a product of that side of mainstream cinema where the story is king and a rousing performance by its star the queen Audiences will be looking for both those ingredients in the Balan-led Begum Jaan All her big films Paa Ishqiya No One Killed Jessica and Kahaani have had strong and unusual plots with crack-whipping performance by her To put it in context Balan’s rise as a star coincided with a growing wave of Twitter feminism in India Unarguably the other beneficiary of the trend has been Kangana Ranaut Though on surface Balan and Ranaut make for strange bedfellows there’s an unmistakable similarity The terms ‘woman-oriented’ ‘female empowerment’ ‘shero’ ‘fourth Khan’ and ‘superwoman’ are thrown around in generous doses to describe Vidya Balan and Kangana Ranaut Whenever a film hits one straight out of the park they have to sternly remind the media as Balan did recently to a newspaper that “A woman has to always justify her success which does not happen for men” Both in a way after being branded as flag-bearers of feminism were canny enough to capitalise on the momentum Besides the craft of acting they also possessed the pertinent art of gaming the media In the beginning their witty outburst and candour offended the gated film industry Their political incorrectness and defiance of authority built up by decades of unchecked nepotism patriarchy and hierarchy foisted them into another category – these were women who were brave non-conformist and not to be messed around with Soon their boldness became a part of the national conversation and eventually a form of entertainment Tune into any Vidya Balan interview on YouTube and you will come away impressed with her feisty persona her clarity of mind and ability to express it and mostly to say what the media wants to hear Balan herself would be amazed at the long and arduous distance she has covered from the days when we first saw her as a nerdy Mathur sister with a hearing aid and butterfingered bumbling in the hit 1990s sitcom Hum Paanch It was the eldest Mathur sister who was the woman’s rights activist a perfect union leader personality How did Balan come to assume that position in Bollywood From her tentative TV beginnings Vidhu Vinod Chopra and mentor Pradeep Sarkar plucked her out for what looked like assured stardom Though Parineeta released in 2005 made Vidya Balan a star at the age of 26 (not young by Bollywood standards) her subsequent films were both acclaimed and commercial successes (Lage Raho Munnabhai Guru Heyy Babyy etc) but she remained more than just a minor presence in them What followed was an unusual struggle mostly with her looks At first she was in the uncool Aunties’ Club With her buxom South Indian sex appeal for long she wasn’t even accepted as a Hindi film heroine But it was exactly the curves and the nine-yards that made her a sex symbol Who can forget the hateful vengeance with which the body-shamers and slut-shamers went after her Her fashion choices lampooned at by those who manned the high style horse and judgement tables That’s when she put on that ultimate Indian symbol of female respect and power – sari She also accepted herself for who she was instead of trying to mindlessly “fit in” Unlike Kangana Ranaut though Vidya Balan’s script has taken some familiar twists and turns including marriage (She’s married to producer Siddharth Roy Kapur since 2012 though reports are emerging of “trouble in paradise”) So on one hand Balan is long viewed as a traditional middle-class South Indian girl from Chembur who rushes home (now in upmarket Juhu) post work to spend quality family time with parents/husband on the other she’s a strong no-nonsense woman navigating the tricky Bollywood lanes Balan reconciles the two effortlessly All these reasons have contributed to her persona as a quintessentially Indian woman Indians recognise in her all the attributes of a desi girl (sorry Priyanka Chopra) Also Read:I wish Pakistan’s censor board had given Begum Jaan a viewing: MaheshBhatt While she remains an eminently bankable Bollywood star Vidya Balan a National award winner has seen some box-office blows of late Many of her recent films have bombed which is what makes Begum Jaan – riding solely on her effervescent charm – an important step in her filmography In pre-release interviews she has described Begum Jaan as the “most powerful role of her career” A tough assignment by all means But whoever said Vidya Balan is a pushover (Shaikh Ayaz is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: December 13 2016 2:05 pm Befikre box office collection day 4: The first weekend collection of the Aditya Chopra directorial stands at Rs 3436 crores after collecting Rs 1240 crores on Sunday Related News A film’s success depends on how well it cando after the hurly-burly of the first weekend is over and the saner weekdays hold sway Going by Befikre’s Monday collection it seems the Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor film islodged firmly in the ‘doing decent’ category After earning Rs 3436 crore in the first weekend the Aditya Chopra directorial earned Rs 520 crore on the first day of the working week Trade analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted “#Befikre Fri 1036 cr Sat 1160 cr Sun 1247 cr Mon 520 cr Total: 3963 cr India biz” Internationally also the film has been average Adarsh wrote “#Befikre – OVERSEAS – Opening Weekend: $ 185 million [ 1248 cr]… Best in UAE-GCC [$ 788k] USA-Canada [$ 498k]” In the US the film has been trumped by Ram Charan Teja’s Telugu film Dhruva which has collected almost double the amount made by the YRF film With Befikre Aditya Chopra is working with Ranveer Singh for the first time as a director Aditya’s last three films Mohabbatein Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge featured Shah Rukh Khan Meanwhile Dear Zindagi starring Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt collected Rs 6444 crores in its third week Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh tweeted ” #DearZindagi [Week 3] Fri 55 lacs Sat 110 cr Sun 130 cr Weekend 3: 295 cr Total: 6444 cr India biz” #Befikre Fri 1036 cr Sat 1160 cr Sun 1240 cr Total: 3436 cr [2100 screens] India biz — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) December 12 2016 #DearZindagi [Week 3] Fri 55 lacs Sat 110 cr Sun 130 cr Weekend 3: 295 cr Total: 6444 cr India biz — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) December 12 2016 If we compare the first-weekend collections of both Befikre and Dear Zindagi there’s not much difference between the two While Befikre earned Rs 3436 cr after the first three days weekend collection of Dear Zindagi was Rs 3250 crore However Befikre’s budget is close to Rs 70 crore while Dear Zindagi’s was around Rs 40 crore Trade Analyst earlier shared ” #DearZindagi – OVERSEAS – Opening Weekend: $ 4 million [ 2745 cr]… Best in USA-Canada and UAE-GCC… SUPER.” Rahman said. Very? “There are a very few singers whose smile you can feel through their singing. the GDP growth would come down to just 4.

Two ministers of the same cabinet Salauddin Quader Chowdhury of BNP and Jamaat’s secretary general Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed were earlier executed as convicts of 1971 war crimes charges. The region saw a spate of kidnappings of foreign tourists in 2011 that Kenya said was part of its motivation for attacking Somalia.4 per cent as compared to 84 per cent in the US, There is a need to bring about equivalence between degree and skills with a lot of technology and knowledge interventions. The officers had been investigating a report of a man with an assault rifle when they were killed.” Besides, We condemn this brutal attack. Embattled Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. A local truce allowed a convoy to enter the town of Daraya near Damascus for the first time since late 2012, “However.

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