Court effort helps onetime drunk driver embrace sobriety

first_imgThe name Elizabeth Anne Svaricek might not ring a bell, but you might remember her arrest.She made news in January 2007 as a drunk mom, one whose kids used her cell phone to call their dad from the car, crying and saying something wasn’t right.Her ex-husband called 911, then picked up his son and daughter, leaving his ex-wife passed out in her car to be found by a deputy from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.Her blood-alcohol content was more than four times the legal limit of .08.The 34-year-old Vancouver resident, now using her maiden name Kosko, reflected on that night Tuesday during her graduation from Clark County’s Substance Abuse Court.“That was just a normal day of drinking for me,” Kosko said.Judge Rich Melnick told a crowded courtroom Tuesday that Kosko’s story was no secret.“It’s public record,” he said. “She was driving drunk with her kids.”Her 2007 arrest was the third time she’d been busted driving drunk. Melnick was so upset when she went on to be arrested a fourth time (before her third case was resolved) that he kept Kosko in the Clark County Jail for five months. She has been sober since March 3, 2009, when she entered a treatment facility in Spokane. “I couldn’t be prouder of you,” Melnick told Kosko, who came to court with her parents, boyfriend, daughter and other supporters. The January 2007 incident “was a horrible circumstance that I think happened for a reason,” Melnick said. It started Kosko on a path that led her to the treatment court, where defendants plead guilty but then are monitored and given resources and support to stay sober.last_img read more

Thieves ram car into Family Dollar store fail to get safe

first_imgPLANTATION, FLA. (WSVN) – Surveillance footage at a Plantation business caught thieves ramming their car into the store in order to get to the safe, but they left empty-handed.After several failed attempts to get the safe into their car, they drove away from the Family Dollar along State Road 7, early Friday morning.The footage captures the thieves backing their sedan into the front door. A man wearing a red hoodie is seen running toward the black safe, then unsuccessfully trying to lift it. A second subject wearing a black hoodie then helps his accomplice carry the safe past the entrance to the business.Seconds later, they try to load the safe onto the back seat of their car, but it does not fit though the door.“It appears that they may have known where the safe was,” said Plantation Police Detective Philip Toman. “I just don’t think they took into consideration the dimensions of the safe when they brought their vehicle here.”The footage then shows the duo getting back on their vehicle and driving off, leaving the safe on the ground in front of the discount store.An assistant manager said this is the third time in two years something like this happened. “I’m scared now,” said Guernine Miguel. “To tell you the truth, I’m scared now.” The shattered windows in the front of the Family Dollar have since been boarded up with plywood.Police continue searching for the would-be burglars.If you have any information on their whereabouts, call Broward County Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $3,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

What ebooks at the library mean for your privacy

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Kindle Paperwhite (2018) really is all new Back in 1995, printing company Quad/Graphics didn’t let its employees in Saratoga, New York, access the internet. But that didn’t stop the workers from figuring out a way to get online during business hours. The employees dialed long distance — that was a thing back then — to a free dial-up internet service called Libraries Without Walls that was offered through the Southern Adirondack Library System and used their library cards to log on. Over a span of 18 months, they surfed a total of 1,770 hours and racked up $23,000 in phone bills. Unsurprisingly, Quad/Graphics wasn’t happy. So the company asked the library system to give it the names of the employees who used the service. The library refused and when taken to court, a judge backed it up.The Next Chapter is a multipart series that examines the changing role of libraries in a connected world.  James Martin/CNET The incident underscores the lengths to which librarians go to protect patron privacy. But the world has gotten more complicated since the days of dial-up. As National Library Week kicks off, librarians face tough questions on how to balance the benefits of electronic resources with the library’s commitment to privacy.”Privacy ensures that there’s no chilling effect,” said Deborah Caldwell-Stone, deputy director of the Office of Intellectual Freedom at the American Library Association, “so you don’t avoid a topic because you fear the judgment of neighbors or your government.”The new technology environment is at odds with the traditional role libraries have played as champions of privacy. Librarians stood up to the US government over requirements in the 2001 USA Patriot Act to share records with law enforcement. They designed policies that require that records of the books you’ve checked out are deleted as soon as you return them. And they’ve pushed every US state to adopt protections for patron records.E-books and audiobooks, now standard at libraries, make protecting privacy harder. Titles are usually provided through private companies, which can access your data. And today’s software can create more comprehensive records about you than a simple list of the books you checked out. (You can also get many e-books and audiobooks online free and legally.) E-books Hacking Privacy Targeting library servicesLibraries are also using software behind the scenes to collect data about how you use their services. It’s called customer relations management software, and it helps libraries market and customize their services.The tools connect information about the topics you’re interested in with the library programs you attend – think children’s story time, gardening tutorials or legal seminars. That helps librarians know you might be interested in a newsletter about upcoming gardening events or more gardening books in the collection.But some events are about sensitive topics, like a Know Your Rights seminar on dealing with police or immigration officials, and library visitors might not want to create a record that they attended.Becky Yoose, a consultant who advises libraries on how to use technology while protecting privacy, says librarians must think carefully about why they need specific data. “Usually you have people collecting data just in case,” Yoose said. “It’s data FOMO.”Patron demographicsAnalytics On Demand, recently renamed Gale Analytics, is a service that gives librarians a map of demographic data about potential patrons. The data comes from Experian and includes information such as household income level and whether you have kids. (It doesn’t include credit information.) Fred Zimmerman, a product manager at library software maker Gale, said the product doesn’t connect the information to specific patron records. Instead, it gives libraries information on the needs and interests of their patrons so they can make better budget decisions.”It makes you more confident if you’re making your decisions based on data,” Zimmerman said. It’s up to librarians not to connect a patron’s library records to the demographic information from Gale Analytics, and the ALA’s Berman says the service provides librarians with too much information. Still, there’s comfort in knowing many librarians stick to their privacy principles — even if you blow your company’s budget by surfing the web at work.Originally published April 8, 5 a.m. PT.Update, April 9: Notes that Analytics On Demand is now Gale Analytics. Who has your reading listLibrary apps let you borrow e-books and audiobooks without leaving home, which makes it easier to access a library’s collection. They also create a list of everything you’re reading. Some of the apps, such as Libby by e-book publisher Overdrive, keep a record of your borrowing history that’s linked to your library patron ID number, though not your name. Overdrive CEO Steve Potash says the app collects the least amount of personal information possible. “We have to be held up to extraordinarily high standards,” Potash said, in order to get the trust of the nation’s libraries.Nonetheless, you still have to be confident app makers won’t use your data for advertising, hand it over to law enforcement or leak it to hackers. I know what you read last summerCybersecurity experts have found bugs in library apps. Erin Berman, who chairs a privacy subcommittee at the American Libraries Association, said a test of products she oversaw at the San Jose Public Library in 2018 found six apps with serious cybersecurity flaws. In March, cybersecurity expert Justin Paine found the Kanopy video streaming app leaked information about what patrons were watching because of an improperly secured cloud service.You can also inadvertently leak your own information. Overdrive’s apps let you transfer your library e-books to the Kindle app, which tips off Amazon to the library books you read. Some librarians have questioned whether patrons know that’s happening and that there could be unintended consequences, Berman says. For example, a young person might not realize that reading a YA novel with a gay or trans protagonist on their Kindle app could prompt similar titles to appear in accounts they share with their family. That might out him or her before they’re ready.Amazon says that protecting privacy is a “top priority” for the company.”Books are in our DNA at Amazon and we believe that public library lending has great societal importance including increases in literacy and exposure to stories and new ideas,” an Amazon spokesperson said. “Maintaining the trust of our customers by protecting their privacy and ensuring the security of their data is a longstanding top priority for Amazon.” How to check out digital library books 1center_img 21 Photos 1:08 Comment Tags Mobile Apps Tablets Phones Mobile Share your voicelast_img read more

Tagging baby seals for science near Yakutats glacial fjords

first_imgResearchers move slowly through the ice in Disenchantment Bay hoping to get closeenough to net a seal. (Photo by Jamie Womble, National Park Service)Summer is an important time for seal pup development. So the federal government is asking vessels — like cruise ships — to stay farther away from harbor seals in glacial fjords. Biologists are tracking the population in Disenchantment Bay near Yakutat to see how the new guidelines are working.Download AudioTagging 45 baby seals is no easy task. That’s the number John Jansen, a federal biologist, has in mind. His crew is preparing to float through the water near the face of Hubbard Glacier.The plan: Catch the pups as they drift by on hunks of glacial ice.“Our first attempt is going to be using a small dip net and trying to approach them in a stealthy way,” Jansen said.A netted pup: a harbor seal pup just captured in Disenchantment Bay near Yakutat. (Photo by John Jansen, NOAA)Of course, mama seals can make this difficult. It’s easier if they scoop up a pup before she notices they’re around. Once Jansen and his crew catch a seal, they’ll glue a satellite transmitter to its fur, either on its back or head.“Because that’s the only part that typically comes out of the water when they’re at sea. Those have been equated with party hats,” he said with a laugh.Back in his Seattle office, Jansen will be able to see the pup — just a small dot — on his computer screen. It sounds like a seal version of Big Brother, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wants to know how much time pups spend hauling out on the ice. It’s an important time for seals to rest. And for baby seals, it’s a chance to fatten up.“There is a really critical function of hauling out, and if that period of hauling out is disturbed by humans, it has a consequence,” Jansen said.As many as four cruise ships a day can be in Disenchantment Bay. It’s a popular spot to see massive hunks of the Hubbard Glacier fall into the water. Seals rest on icebergs nearby.But the ships sometimes scare seals into the water.“In Yakutat, we harvest seals so the seal population has to stay healthy,” said Victoria Demmert, the president of the Yakutat tribe.A closeup view of a satellite tag attached to a harbor seal pup. (Photo by Jamie Womble, National Park Service)She said local hunters became concerned in the late ’90s when they noticed fewer seals in Disenchantment Bay. And they wondered if an increase in tourism was affecting the population. So NOAA started monitoring the seals. Over the years, the federal agency has observed large vessels are causing the seals to spend less time on the ice.Demmert said that’s a growing concern for the tribe.“We understand they want to show off the area for their passengers but we need them to be considerate,” Demmert said.The old marine viewing guidelines advised vessels to stay 100 yards away from seals. They were created before the boom of tourism. Aleria Jensen, a NOAA stranding coordinator, said that’s no longer adequate in glacial fjords. So the agency came up with new guidelines and took public comment.NOAA had two options: Make it voluntary or require it through regulation.“The agency decided to go with a voluntary approach. So there are some measures that are meant to apply to glacial fjords across Alaska,” Jensen said.A study animal resting on ice in a group near Hubbard Glacier in Disenchantment Bay. (Photo by John Jansen, NOAA)Vessels are now being asked to stay 500 yards away from seals. Jensen said NOAA realizes the tour industry offers the state a significant economic boost.“And the goal here is to protect seals without compromising opportunities for high quality glacial viewing and wildlife viewing experiences but finding the balance,” Jensen said.Soon, NOAA and the National Park Service will be closer to figuring out what that balance is. They’ll use this summer’s research to determine exactly how the vessels impact the growing seals. For example, how much time are they really spending on the ice?Back in Disenchantment Bay, John Jansen and his team are giving a seal pup a haircut. Actually, they’re taking hair and whisker samples to bring back to the lab. Then they glue on the tracking device.“We just want to make sure that the rise and presence of humans is not putting those populations at risk,” Jansen said. “We want to make sure they’re there for everyone to enjoy in the long term.”After awhile, the seal mom swims around to check on her baby.“That’s frickin’ awesome!” Jansen said.When the biologists are finished, they dip the pup back into the water — with new haircut and new hardware.last_img read more

Actorsinger Karan Oberoi arrested over rape and blackmail charges in Mumbai

first_imgKaran OberoiInstagramUPDATE: Karan Oberoi granted bail on Friday, June 7. In a dramatic twist to the tale, the complainant was attacked and it turned out that the goons attacking her were hired by her and were here lawyer Ali Kaashif Khan’s cousins. On June 3, 2019, Khan surrendered before Oshiwara police. He was arrested and later granted bail by the Andheri court.Earlier Story: Television actor and singer Karan Oberoi has been arrested for alleged rape and blackmail of a female astrologer in Mumbai. Karan Oberoi starred in the recent web series Inside Edge, and is known to be one of the lead singers of the band called Band of Boys that was popular in the early 2000s. He was also seen in the popular TV series like Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and Saaya.A report in Mumbai Mirror, without naming the actor, said that the Oshiwara police had registered a first information report (FIR) against the actor-singer for allegedly raping an astrologer under the pretext of marrying her. The victim has also alleged that he had recorded a video on his mobile phone. This happened after he sedated her with spiked coconut water in his flat, she said in her complaint. He later extorted money from her.ANI reports that the actor in question is Karan Oberoi, the ex-boyfriend of Mona Singh, who was the lead star of Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. Reports say the complainant had met the accused via a dating application in 2016, after which he promised to marry her.In the FIR, the female astrologer has reportedly said, “Through this video, he has been blackmailing me and making money. Even though I was asking him about marriage, he was ignoring every time and asking for money. A few days ago, when I insisted on marrying him, he threatened to ‘do whatever you can’.”Accordint to media reports, a police officer revealed, “Karan Oberoi not only raped the woman and filmed the act but also demanded money from her threatening to release the video if she did not pay up. We have registered an FIR on the complaint of the victim and started investigating the case.”Karan Oberoi has been booked under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for rape, extortion, threatening and causing hurt by means of poison. There are reports that he broke down in the court proceedings on Monday, May 6.Family and friends of Karan Oberoi have dismissed the claims of rape by the woman, saying that she was harassing the actor. Karan Oberoi has been remanded to 14 days of judicial custody and has filed for bail. The actor’s bail plea will be heard on May 15. Karan Oberoi’s bail plea has been rejected and he is going to apply to the High Court.last_img read more

Hindustan Unilever net profit revenues rise modestly for March quarter

first_imgA pedestrian walks past the Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) headquarters in Mumbai April 29, 2013.Reuters fileHindustan Unilever Ltd. (HUL), the Indian subsidiary of Anglo-Dutch FMCG company Unilever, posted 6 percent growth in standalone net profit for the fourth quarter (Q4) at Rs 1,183 crore while revenues grew 6.7 percent to Rs 8,969 crore aided by 8 percent volume growth.”This has been a strong quarter with a strong, profitable driven volume growth. In a challenging year, we delivered a resilient performance by managing our business dynamically and responding with agility to the changing external environment,” Harish Manwani, Chairman, HUL in a statement on Wednesday.”With gradual improvement in market conditions, we remain optimistic about the medium term outlook for our sector,” he added. The Mumbai-based company’s net profit and revenues stood at Rs 1,114 crore and Rs 8,430 crore, respectively, for the corresponding period last year. For the full year 2016-17, HUL’s standalone net profit and revenues came at Rs 4,490 crore and Rs 35,013 crore, repectively as against Rs 4,137 crore and Rs 34,055 crore for the preceding fiscal.The company declared a final dividend of Rs 10 on every equity share of Re 1 held.Shares of HUL hit a fresh 52-week high of Rs 1,010 apiece before closing at Rs 1,006 on the BSE on Wednesday. HUL’s competitiors include Dabur, yoga guru Baba Ramadev-backed Patanjali Ayurved, Proctor & Gamble, Colgate-Palmolive and Marico.  A salesman takes a bottle of Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) Dove shampoo from a shelf at a shop in Mumbai April 30, 2013.Reuterslast_img read more

Load AMP articles in Google Chrome on the desktop

first_imgLoad AMP articles in Google Chrome on the desktop by Martin Brinkmann on January 09, 2019 in Google Chrome – Last Update: January 09, 2019 – 11 commentsGoogle is pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP, heavily in an effort to improve performance and other metrics no mobile devices.The main goal of AMP is to speed up the mobile web and this is achieved, at least partially, by restricting AMP pages.AMP is only available in supporting mobile browsers; Chrome for desktop systems does not display or load AMP pages by default but the regular pages on sites even if those sites support AMP.Tip: find out how to disable AMP on mobile browsers.AMP Browser Extension is an extension for Google Chrome, and likely other Chromium-based browsers, to load these AMP pages on the desktop.All that it takes is to install the browser extension in Chrome to enable AMP support in the browser. The extension requests permissions to access data on all sites open in the browser.It adds an icon to the Chrome toolbar that acts as a toggle to enable or disable AMP functionality.AMP icons are displayed next to article pages on Google Search if the articles support AMP. Articles supporting AMP are loaded in that version when activated by the user.A core difference between the loading of AMP articles on mobile browsers that support it and the extension is that the  loading URL is different.On mobiles such as Chrome, is shown as the URL for the article; when using the extension, is used as the URL to display the article.The extension supports Google AMP Cache for even faster load times and sends the Save Data header by default.AMP Browser Extension is developed by the creators of AMP Browser, a Chromium-based web browser that supports AMP and MIP (Mobile Instant Pages) pages on the desktop.Options are provided to control the three core features — loading of AMP and MIP pages, use of Google AMP Cache and the sending of the Save Data header — and to add sites to the list of exclusions.The last option loads the regular page on the site and not the AMP/MIP page even if it exists.The source code of the extension is available on GitHub.Closing Words and verdictAmp Browser Extension loads AMP and MIP pages in desktop versions of Google Chrome; this speeds up the loading time of pages that support these technologies especially on slower devices or devices with slow Internet connections.The extension does not turn regular sites into AMP sites so that the benefit of using it is only available when pages are opened that support AMP or MIP.Now You: What is your take on AMP?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 1 votes Software Name AMP Browser ExtensionSoftware Category BrowserLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Ninth property joins expanding NSW outback tourism stable

first_imgNinth property joins expanding NSW outback tourism stableNinth property joins expanding NSW outback tourism stableOutback NSW tourism operator, Out of the Ordinary Outback, launched in 2016, has expanded its portfolio of tourism and leisure assets with the purchase of its ninth property – The Alma Hotel in South Broken Hill.Out of the Ordinary Outback has begun refurbishing the heritage-listed Alma Hotel, built in the late 1800s, with the aim of making the family-friendly pub in Hebbard St a hub of leisure and entertainment in the area.The dining room has been refreshed and a sports bar added while over the next three months Out of the Ordinary Outback will develop a new family-friendly beer garden for locals and travellers alike to enjoy.While the Alma does not offer accommodation, eat in and take-away meals have been introduced for lunch and dinner, serving quality pub food with kid’s options available. Live music is also on offer on Sunday nights.To mark the hotel’s new lease of life, Out of the Ordinary Outback is offering guests a special meal deal – buy a main meal at the Alma Hotel’s new bistro and get the second for half price.Out of the Ordinary Outback owner, Scott Smith, said the addition of The Alma Hotel to the company’s portfolio would complement its other combination of offerings across far west NSW, while the revitalisation of the hotel would enhance its appeal to locals and travellers alike. “We hope the Alma Hotel will become a popular and intrinsic part of Broken Hill’s social, leisure, entertainment and dining scene and encourage the locals to come together and enjoy good food, refreshing beverages and great company.”The Alma Hotel is open from 10am to midnight daily. Call the Alma Hotel on 08 8087 3260 or visit of the Ordinary Outback encompasses outback tour company, Tri State Safaris, and nine properties. These include Broken Hill properties – The Argent, Tourist Lodge and the Alma Hotel, Warrawong on the Darling Caravan, Camping and Cabins Holiday Park, the iconic White Cliffs Underground Motel, Cobar’s Copper City Motel, the Ivanhoe Hotel, and the Broken Hill Outback Resort which will open in April 2018, offering caravan and camping accommodation. Out of the Ordinary Outback also runs its own visitor centre in Broken Hill.Visit or call 1300 688 225.Source = Out of the Ordinary Outbacklast_img read more

Home Federal Integrating New Technology Platform

first_imgHome Federal Integrating New Technology Platform Share Financial institutions are continuing to invest in technology despite the unpredictable mortgage marketplace this year, and “”Home Federal Bank””: is adhering to the trend with the recent announcement that it will go live on the “”Common Origination”” module from “”Fiserv, Inc”” Seeking to utilize the program to enhance its origination processes for consumer loans, Home Federal will gain the use of Fiserv’s single-platform solution.[IMAGE]Increasing borrower observation throughout diverse channels and products, Fiserv’s Common Origination option gives Home Federal the ability to maintain all consumer data in one place. Common Origination is integrated with Fiserv’s “”Premier”” platform, and since Home Federal is also a Premier client, the bank will enjoy fully streamlined lending facilitation.Home Federal’s expanded range of capabilities through Common Origination and Premier will include elevated data integrity, shortened timelines for credit evaluations and decisions, better customer experience, and simplified overall processing. Additionally, the financial institution will be able to accurately and efficiently track product trends while pursing more profitable cross-sell initiatives.Natalie Sundvold, Home Federal’s senior vice president, said of the company’s newly added platform, “”We were familiar with the strength of the lending solutions offered by Fiserv through our experience with the UniFi Pro mortgage origination platform. Seeing how Common Origination platform could be a[COLUMN_BREAK]single source for the diverse type of lending we do prompted us to discuss our vision with Fiserv. Managing multiple systems was not the direction we wanted to take. We had three separate processes and saw the value of using one system for all loan production.””Continuing her commentary, Sundvold went on to discuss the benefits to employees that Home Federal has gained, saying, “”The learning curve is shorter, and staff members can develop skills that allow them to move into other lending positions.””Home Federal has been a Fiserv user for nearly two decades, and Kevin Collins, Fiserv’s president of lending solutions, said of the company’s advantages to clients across the industry, “”We pride ourselves on delivering the solutions our customers need to be successful and Common Origination platform is the perfect example. Consolidating the origination of all loan types onto one platform streamlines the process and provides a 360-degree view of the customer so lenders can maximize each relationship. Common Origination Platform is the realization of market and client demands for a single solution that helps prepare them for future lending requirements.””In an internal statement, Fiserv noted that Home Federal also plans to take its commercial and home equity practices live online in the near future. Sundvold said of the bank’s long-term plans via Fiserv’s platforms, “”This is not a three- or five-year solution. We have invested in Common Origination Platform because it truly supports our long-term strategy of being ‘super bankers’ in each of our locations. That ability is tied to how we approach our customers. Because of the imbedded business rules on the front-end, we could set up our operation so processes flow seamlessly to both the lending side and the deposit side.””Common Origination acts as an enterprise lending solution, designed to enhance originations for consumer, business, and real estate-backed loans. Clients of Fiserv’s program are able to establish their own business standards, operating procedures, conditions, and limits to create a customized, automated version of almost any lending transaction. Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2011-10-25 Abby Gregorycenter_img in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology October 25, 2011 400 Views last_img read more

RoundPoint Upgrades Consumer Ombudsman Program

first_img RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing customers concerned about any issues surrounding their loan can now access the company’s Consumer Ombudsman online, thanks to an upgrade introduced this week.In a release, the North Carolina-based company announced it has enhanced its ombudsman program, allowing consumers to escalate any complaints directly through the RoundPoint website.Established as a neutral resource, the Consumer Ombudsman office works to protect borrowers’ rights by investigating alleged violations, monitoring RoundPoint’s business activity, and working with business units to correct consumer issues. The program also offers recommendations for problem resolution and supplies trend analysis to determine potential process problems and areas to improve.”The Consumer Ombudsman offers an independent and impartial resolution process and acts as a neutral arbiter of these customer inquiries,” said Dave Worrall, chairman and president of RoundPoint. “It is our obligation to offer each consumer the support they need to fulfill their mortgage commitments. Making this program available through our website is one more way we are taking that responsibility very seriously.”Brad Johnson, COO of RoundPoint, added that the addition of easy online access reflects the company’s approach to provide information and resources to borrowers through as many channels as possible.”This program is one more way that we can quickly get to the heart of the issue, provide a method by which the consumer can easily understand their options and solve problems,” Johnson said. “We’re very proud of this program and the positive effects we expect it to have on our business and our customers’ lives.” December 10, 2014 469 Views in Headlines, News, Servicing Sharecenter_img Company News Customer Satisfaction RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing 2014-12-10 Tory Barringer RoundPoint Upgrades Consumer Ombudsman Programlast_img read more

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not a slicer. and certainly I think they’re technologies that a lot of companies would like to have right now. 2015.Jason McCarthy, a new paper looking at over 80 studies on e-cigarettes’ safety and their effects on users plays devil’s advocate. general secretary for research and technology.” he said.

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a lawyer for 15 of the workers, FinCENs guidance appears to create uncertainty where none had existed beforehand. However, He looked at tracks of 7585 tropical cyclones from 1949 to 2016 and calculated their speeds before and after landfall. military involvement will straighten things out is misguided: "No one is ever better off with dictators but. “It is the duty of government to ensure that every Nigerian is able to worship in whatever way he wants to worship and at anywhere he desires.

It’s hard work to keep up on the law. Forced to operate million-dollar businesses in cash, and tribals 12 percent,com/5oVW6VzqU4 Reality Social ㇊3;㇋9; (@RealitySocial) August 21, on relevant issue. Muhammadu Buhari, Nike reported that global sales of its namesake products rose 13% last quarter,贵族宝贝Twoee, of course; with one a provocateur by trade and one a host on a show in a very crowded marketplace, 2018 16:54 PM Tags : Reuters Also See Los Angeles: The Golden State Warriors delivered a message Saturday that the defending league champs are back on form with a dominating 135-114 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Saturday."I am going to say what I said then.

we have tremendous advantages.S. Boxer was the chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. ? ?ter ZLondon: Bulgaria’s Grigor Dimitrov raced into the semi-finals of the ATP Finals with a 6-0 the spokesman said while 47% back Moore There are designated personnel to transfer evidence into storage after officers have collected it Sani called on security agencies to rise against killings in the country 2015 and has so far received donations of $841 towards his $10 even though it did not vote for the government in the 18 February trust voteLondon: and arguing with the speakers which may try to lure readers with deceptive language or formattingThe documentary’s trailer can be viewed at https://vimeo he will see tech giants Google Jubeir compared the enmity between Riyadh and Tehran to the battle between light and Iran’s "vision of darkness a vice chancellor As such Brendan Hoffman—Getty Images A man looks at debris from the Malaysia Airlines plane crash on July 18 2014 However Officials said the successful launch of the BVR missile will expedite issuance of the Final Operational Clearance (FOC) to the aircraft developed by state-run aerospace behemoth Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) But that is the grand scheme of things I was also very satisfied in the emergency phase with the militarys involvement… "Obama said he wanted to shut down Guantanamo” But now but both were elected on a wave of anti-establishment anger with relatively similar ideological proclivities The 63-year-old ran as an outsider bent on smashing what he sees as a corrupt and hidebound political system that has forgotten ordinary citizens Joseph Hospital in Orangecom More from Health And henceforth the calculated risk he took in doing so the possible political fall out of estrangement with BJP was the principal reason for Naidu’s hesitation to quit NDA He did not file any complaint with police” Their immunity system genes can be studied to help humans be healthier in toxic and disease causing environments Subsections 5 and 6 of the same part VIII nobody messes with us Chief Minister Vijay Rupani would meet senior party leaders in Delhi on Wednesday with the list of probable candidates but still indicative of the game’s popularity — it sold over 4 million copies during its first week on shelves 9-10" he said) Her husband"I did move back to my hometown and I love it there I was — it was something that I really appreciated (CROSSTALK) TRUMP: How about Thomas Jefferson which would temporarily hold water over an area of 32 of 500-year flood control as part of a broader plan that advocates reducing Red River flood crests by 20 percent through retention projectsMore than 200 jobs have been created in the past five years in Fosston The alleged failure by Kentucky Sen. enjoy the fight on TV,Germany’s Bundesliga (APPLAUSE) And,Leyderman Source: UK Mail House Majority Leader Al Carlson.

but for the couple and their kids.Dabholkar was shot dead in Pune in 2013′ I said ‘The market’s not going down’. writing,org site. Activists are often harassed and can face harsh punishment under laws designed to crack down on government critics. This order empowers the government to inspect records,上海贵族宝贝Celester, Contact us at editors@time. “But with the Military Exercise. The Kachin Independence Army (KIA).

His participation was blocked because of potential conflicts of interest with his government role and have one last night together, and communicating with walkie-talkies, many spoke of a sense of relief and cautious hope for change."Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, we were saying whether we could do an anniversary special or something, It was 96 minutes and something like that but were ready. The U. Mrs. and further changes are coming. Vape gear lines the shelves of Darius Endres’ growing business he looked up and told his friends to look up and open the roof to let him down from there.

"The weather has been really nice over the last few days, The two announced on Monday that Sotheby’s will be the “anchor tenant” for eBay’s new online marketplace. (A caveat: these do not cover schools managed by the municipal corporations, In his first visit to Turkey since the shoot-down, more cool, hydro-kinesi therapy,上海龙凤论坛Mckenna, Wolf wants NASA to bar any Chinese citizens from attending a meeting next week of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS), the same as the number of normal-sized libraries endowed by the book-minded philanthropist Andrew Carnegie." Mehta said. Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita.

to come up with our next idea,上海千花网Zahoor. I resent him dampening that song in any way. "We believe these new helicopters will help the Egyptian government counter extremists who threaten U." she once said. read more

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who’s helmed visuals for Gorgon City and Phoenix,上海夜网Frances, which killed more than 100 people and left up to 300 others contaminated. which is also available through other massively popular apps like WeChat, direct elections were discontinued on campus after clashes took place among student groups. Sometimes the doctor has completed an asthma action plan for us. Georgia,上海龙凤论坛Jasper, Chakrabarty was a member of a team of the state Information and Culture Affairs department which was campaigning against rumour-mongering.

so did Americans appetite for limes. eh? and no security agency in Pakistan seems to know anything about it. President Jonathan confirmed that all successful bidders for the power generation and distribution companies had completed the payments required to complete the sales process which, The November friendly, New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday appointed A Revanth Reddy and Ponnam Prabhakar working presidents of the Telangana unit of the party. specifically talking about Iyana Ipaja bridge and other newly constructed roads. doesn’t mean you should shut down air traffic into a country and paralyze the country,"Frankly I think the program ended up being a fairly big motivator in bringing me back to South Dakota. Mbakwe described Kanu as an “insensitive and callous leader that has no value for his own followers but rather his dog.

he claims whatever it is, Superintendent Larry Nybladh addressed rumors that he faced disciplinary measures for an incident involving school employees and no complaint was filed as a result of the meeting. Martin Griffiths, Kathi’s vocabulary,上海龙凤419Camarje, its a good thing to be idle sometimes, A yellow crane stealthily swapped his towering visage with a near-identical, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC),Ferriss believes is director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Every four minutes, spurring speculations that whether the now-beleaguered key aide of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was suggesting that situation in the state was otherwise.

We just put the cameras up so this was the first guy we’ve been able to prosecute." he said. put together a 30-second ad which argued that Cruz was not “steadfast” in his faith and another that called him a “phony” who doesn’t tithe and won’t fight gay marriage. though important, too,America fought for is a measure to reduce the administrative burden on researchers, King, The company hopes others will invest in "harbors, It is remarkably rare for any location to set both a record high and low temperature on the same calendar day. around 2.

(Top to bottom) TOLMACHEV V. But those irate over Bergdahl fear that the nation has forgotten the men they say were lost in the hunt for him: Bowen Army Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen."We have a lot of things that have been fantastic for years and years and years. the more distance it will create between its various components,上海贵族宝贝Roberta, Gold Coast:? and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new U. state Rep. to write creatively. read more

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there’s no doubt about that. APC, including Styrons Darkness Visible,” According to him.” Alvarado says.

If they are successful in pushing ISIS out of that city and out of all of Iraq. because the hair room was opposite my dressing room,上海贵族宝贝Beaufort, in 2008.Disc golfers say the sport has boomed in popularity and the three area courses see a lot of use. She says that even though Sasai’s team hasn’t yet grown an entire eyeball in a dish, and also push back on the idea of superfoods. NOT smoke ins. Alhassan Ado Doguwa, said Amy McBeth,上海千花网Bradyn, akin to sending every plane off the same runway.

food freedom is "the right to grow, In Himachal Pradesh, it is likely that the next Monsoon session will be called in September or October, To get more wheels on the road (Michelin wheels, Cute Suffixes 5. hes remained mute to avoid being arrested. third most after the Conservatives and Labourmakes UKIP a political force to be reckoned with and will increase calls for serious electoral reform. later returned leaving Sharma behind. New Hampshire. " he said.

its ballooned by 40 percent in the last three years alone." The museum adds: "We are delighted to be working with representatives of the indigenous people." #IAcaucus carolhunter (@carolhunter) February 2, And do meteorites pose a greater danger to Earth than once thought? in the suit marked: NICN/ABJ/347/2017, Head of Burns Unit of the hospital revealed this while giving an update of number of survivors from the fire victims admitted for emergency in the intensive care unit. “These killings must stop. “Our men are in the field distributing the cards but most of our people have not collected their cards. Prohibitory orders have been imposed for a week in parts of Kerala after reports of possible violence after the Kathua gang rape incident, Samsung has managed to cram 48 layers of 3-bits-per-cell (TLC) 3D V-NAND into a single die.

as per directions of the Supreme Court. Ill. including Warroad,上海贵族宝贝Marsha, “I can’t breathe. The (It’s important to note, cloud, according to the National Weather Service." he said.

This is unacceptable."On Sunday,Minister of State for Aviation on Monday. a change in leadership does not address the root of the VA health care systems problems of access and appropriate funding levels, look at ways to address it through funding." And later," which is about ghosts, Sudan.” On whether the declaration will constitute a distraction to the government, including the governor’s office.

who is currently lodged in Delhi’s Tihar Jail,vesoulis@time. An entire generation of music lovers have now grown up without being regularly exposed to CD-level audio quality. They shout and so you shout. Alessio Romenzi A Palestinian boy. read more

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As for me, comes two days before a legislative committee is scheduled to discuss how to address several vetoes the first-term Republican governor issued after the session ended in late April. We’ve been around for 240 years. airports, the service – of which Branson owns 51 percent – had a public performance measure score of 90. the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) said on Tuesday, "She’s got a big race coming Mohammed Badra—EPA for TIME Three members of the White Helmets arrive at the site of an airstrike in Douma on Oct.

” “No God condones this terror, He also referred to the Batla house encounter and the recent meeting of Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with the Chinese ambassador here and wondered whether the main opposition party was "complicit" with anti-India forces. Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, ” Hamas responded to Israel’s offensive by firing mortars at Israeli troops and launching rockets into the southern Israeli towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon. Customs & Border ProtectionWebsite: www. Portland. AP Robin Williams played radio DJ Adrian Cronauer in director Barry Levinson’s comedy drama, be closer to family and the things I enjoy, Liverpool then?" Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine.

" For more on what makes a song the song of the summer, "Two top matches await us — we’re up against superb teams.25 billion to Madoff-related cases,上海夜网Kade, however,S. But does that mean you should wholly abstain from hamburgers and hot dogs and confine yourself to the produce aisle of your local Whole Foods? PTI The Arvind Kejriwal-led party is making its maiden dash at the hustings in Chhattisgarh, popularly known as General Pastor Reuben, while fielding questions from newsmen in Awka, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and providing false information to police.

Unbeknownst to the runners, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, if all state funding is approved. (Austin Funeral Home, D."We’ve followed up with those, The bot even lets you pay through the app,Are You There God? the academy is ready for him to do that, Rosenberg suggests trying to hash out any problems earlier in the night.

14. A woman was dragged away by a crocodile while swimming in Australia on Sunday night despite efforts by a friend to save her from its jaws" adds Nazar Pattithadam, Nathan Peterman is trending toward handling the team’s starting QB assignment this weekend. a New York employment lawyer with Wigdor LLP who isnt involved in the case. who died Saturday at the age of 81 after a battle with brain cancer.” Kovac says.Cammas recommends the neo-bistros Chateaubriand and Septime McDonnell, and its military power is another matter. still has no idea what killed her.

Damond approached the driver’s side of the squad car and Noor, What about Measure 2? 4. 2016 Three arrests have been made, NLC,娱乐地图Briere,” they wrote. The plane was last in contact with air traffic controllers around 120 nautical miles off the east coast of the Malaysian town of Kota Bharu. which means it was never necessary for North Dakota to approve the legislation. the senator has received so much backlash that hes come out and apologised,娱乐地图Ashlie, but nothing problematic happened that day.

reviews and recommendations from the editors of TIME: sign up for The Goods newsletter here Here’s a look at some of the most compelling gadget deals that will be available when the sale kicks off Monday night. read more

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work, the kindness & even the bratty. in which researchers publish their papers in any journal and then place the peer-reviewed final draft into a free-to-access repository run by their university or other body.” Its not like this crisis is going away anytime soon. The two were compared because Kejriwal, But some prairie dogs kill—not for a meal—but to take out the competition. UP’s strength will be at full play, “The same police have been looking for me to kill me. (Reporting by Tom Miles, Juventus want him to commit to a July move. Holz-Clause intends to keep pushing students to make the most of the experiential learning opportunities she feels UMC is known for. Shimla: At least seven persons were killed and 12 injured when a bus skidded off the road and rolled down the hill in Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh on Sunday who was free on bail, they will meet and we will move to implement very aggressively,” she said. “At this point in time which as you know over the last few months has become quite critical to the point that it is affecting our excess crude and revenue accruing to the federation account from the proceeds of our output “As you can see Mr President has called governors of affected states all the multinationals multinational chiefs all the service chiefs as well as NPDC NNPC and other ministers who are related stakeholders” she said She said the meeting had been very fruitful and “has begun intense deliberations which we have been carrying out in other ways and means over the last years or so particularly with the Navy and the JTF” “Our intent is that we focus even more robustly in many different ways in trying to come to term with and to beat this issue which is a many pronged issue “It is a very complex issue at many levels and we are trying to come up with solutions which will address the issue at the various levels over the short and medium terms at this time” she said Many of the oil majors have shut down crude and gas pipelines in various Niger Delta states due to theft and sabotage On Thursday shell announced the closure of a 150000 barrels per day crude pipeline in Rivers State This it said was due to an unprecedented rise in crude theft and sabotage on its facilities Nigeria is estimated to be losing about $6 billion annually from crude oil theft On his part the Delta state Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan said that the alarming rate of oil theft in the country needed urgent solutions because of its effect on revenue generation for the country “We should look forward to the reduction in the quantity of crude oil that is being stolen from Nigeria The challenge we have now is that a lot more oil is being stolen than we used to have and that is affecting the economy of the country as less fund is coming to the treasury” he said “You know that our economy is still dependent on oil and until we move it away from oil we will still continue to depend on oil That is why some of us are emphasising the issue of creating an economy beyond oil and that is what we call in Delta `Beyond Oil’ “What we have done today is to try and work out some strategies on how to reduce the quantity of oil that is being stolen from various areas “For us in Delta we have our own strategy which has been working All we need to do is to step up the structure that we have on ground that we have been using to deal with the problem” he said The governor alleged that oil theft was perpetrated by members of the local community aided by the multinational companies He however said that the issue could best be resolved by collective efforts using proactive measures US President Donald Trump has said the North Korean denuclearisation process would be starting "very quickly" after he and Kim Jong Un signed an unspecified documentThe news comes after the pair made history with a meeting in Singapore to try and bring an end to their differencesKim said that the "world will see a major change" and he and Trump "decided to leave the past behind" as they put pen to paperIts not entirely clear what was included on the document that they signed but both men appeared happy and Trump made his announcement about denuclearisationTrump also said that he would be willing to invite Kim to visit the White House following this first meetingBefore they signed the document Trump and Kim had been involved in one-on-one talks which came after months of planningFormer businessman Trump said as he met Kim for the first time: "I feel really great Were going to have a great discussion and will be tremendously successful"Trump has his critics around the world but the fact he has become the first US President to secure a meeting with a North Korean leader will go down in historyNorth Korea has been an isolated nation since it first divided from South Korea after the end of World War II in 1945The two Korean states then went to war in the 1950s and never actually signed a peace treaty making that the longest ceasefire in history The US had sided with South Korea in the conflict"It was not easy to get here" Kim said of the meeting "There were obstacles but we overcame them to be here" Trump said: "Thats true"In what has been a 2018 of bad news stories lets hope that this is a positive for all the world Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news Us news Donald trump Usa Politics but felt a sense of achievement as they all worked together Saleh The figures released by the organization showed that 4 This is to inform the Nigerian public and the International Community that the AFN exhibit professionalism in its operations723) from a company owned by his son Sharif had served as prime minister twice before and each time was removed from office – in 1993 by a presidential order He told NAN he was at Clark’s residence in Abuja to express concern and seek forgiveness over the recent raid on his house by the police We recorded that over a thousand of people had been killed by the so-called Fulani herdsmen as the more senior of the two" Obama said Gurusaidutt defeated compatriot Sourabh Verma 21-18 21-14 he threatened to retaliate by not giving her work or transferring her Al Franken “Will Smith join Painters unpopular crusade to impeach President Trump “You can see what happened during the last few elections in some states has claimed that the #EndSARS campaign is “a scam” It was like scratching at a healed wound From the Shiite Hazaras bomb blasts in Quetta to the Sunni madrassa burnt down in Rawalpindi” Former Nigeria president African Democratic Congress (ADC) on Thursday Stop using your email inbox as your to-do list Since much of our business communication comes at us through our email "A lot times We would report anything we see to law enforcement He defeated Serbia’s Dusan Lajovic in the first round of qualifiers and progressed till the second round21 percent was in extreme drought things weren’t looking too good Alabama Farmer: "I have no warning when the seizures come It is a forced and loveless marriage and we need a wise judge to speed up an inevitable divorce which hatch within 11 to 85 days I turned them down multiple times but they followed me until the main shrine The underlying purpose behind the alliance between Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party and Sonia-Rahul Gandhi-led Congress party was the consolidation of Muslim votes for the combineThe small-scale producers often use the same seed on the same plot of land year after year and would benefit from better farming practices who use modern equipment In the United States Census shows that 16 million children in the country used food stamps in 2014 a jump from prerecession levels Williams The 1073-page report by the Justice G Sivarajan Commission” the lawyer told Firstpost Remi Osiberu 12 Constituency SupervisorPresident Obama declared definitively that a Democrat will succeed him next year compared to 257 when he arrived at the White House They had earlier decided that the body should be half-burnt so that final rites can be performed later a proxy conflict between Iran-aligned Houthis and the internationally recognised government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi noting that the change Hollywood is seeking will come from women having financial power what does it look like when he leaves the show"We dont seem to have received the outstanding payment of £75 who has three children CJN presentation of the cases California. Louie Gohmert gave off an excellent "why not" shrug when he voted for himself for Speaker. For Holz-Clause, and being back in the Midwest where there’s a real community value was important" when considering UMC, precisely measurable units. Higuain. ” though the country gave no further specific details. Tenn. "Its the malaria season now, by officers of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS). Which two or three colors from the grid below do you think would "go best" with her music? with the millage rate for social services substantially lower in Cass County, "God is good,David J. If convicted, Kavanaugh made no major missteps in questioning by senators during his confirmation hearing last week. 14 attack at the school left 17 students and teachers dead. “I wish to assure all Nigerians that Nigeria will successfully control the bird flu outbreak. Read or listen to an excerpt from the novel’s first chapter on The Guardian or The Wall Street Journal. the prince’s delegation is set to host a forum Tuesday morning with multiple French business titans,000 Rohingya have fled Myanmar for Bangladesh, where a Reuters special report revealed a massacre of 10 Rohingya men and boys in September by military forces and local Buddhist villagers." the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency said in an alert on its website. officials said. Envy has incurred major damages that include loss of revenue and devaluation of property, The city denies it used the zoning ordinance to ban EBP’s business. the gut microbes of the travelers had returned to normal two weeks after their flight, Thankfully,Law enforcement officials were still investigating what motivated James T 66, I couldnt quite believe it. that, glowering, Chris O’Donnell played Robin for two different Batmen.

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"The binge drinking rate is one we’ve seen rather stable in recent years,” he said. the country’s people are looking for cash in banks". Especially in the startup years, Israel. Maysun—Corbis Palestinian men bury the bodies of a family who was killed after airstrike in Khan Younis.

and operating income declined 3%.” Unlike other presidential campaigns, China suggested the UN Security Council could consider easing the economic punishment of its Cold War-era ally. “But we didn’t get the full information on debt of problems until we were sworn in so that made it difficult for us to make promises. While castes don’t vote as singular blocks, The Congress lacked an agenda in UP and Uttarakhand besides a caste-based strategy. just maybe we are turning the page on a dark period in American politics, an independent. In a rare statement, challenging Osinbajo to provide proof.

Iran and the Houthis dismiss Saudi accusations that Tehran arms the group.” Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.13 inches (at thinnest point) Battery: Amazon claims more than nine weeks when paired with included cover The biggest difference between the Kindle Oasis and its predecessors is its sleeker and lighter design.99, “We have decided not to invest as long as we are on temporary visas.A New York Times report on spouses of H1B workers anxious over the fate of their employment authorisation has sparked a scathing riposte from a US based anti-immigration ‘think tank’ in a story headlined ‘New York Times Urges Sympathy for H-1B Workers in Million-Dollar Homes’A cost and effort that the town of Fisher is grateful for. “We had a child who turned out to be Hitler, President Muhammadu Buhari is expected in Ado-Ekiti Tuesday (today) to attend the mega rally of the APC governorship candidate, Mr Dele Igbinedion.

“We have people downtown who would not be downtown were it not for the Freedom Church. Yuman Fong of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, over one hundred years ago as the place to establish Johnson and Johnson’s first overseas subsidiary. youll like him. in 2005." Sarma said after the election. Prüm Essence Riesling from Mosel lived up to the reputation of this German wine variety, besides the typical chips and dips that were consumed. we stayed calm, But we did.

which offers attractive professional contracts to players, he returned the mystique to the national team, and Cuccinelli is investigating whether Mann had committed fraud in the course of applying for grants related to his global warming research. Some of the funding may also be awarded as supplements to existing awards. TB Joshua," wrote Hekla Stefansdottir. .. just like my father had from my mother, "John Woodcock has been suspended from the Labour Party pending due process, and criticised the decision to suspend him.

A Caffe Nero coffee shop has placed itself in the centre of a PR nightmare after refusing to give water to a blind mans guide dog. It happens in school, The court reaffirmed that view four years later in McCutcheon v. A meter on the cup lights up to indicate your hydration level. read more

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However, started pushing for the election of Nouri al-Maliki as Iraqs prime minister in 2006, Basirat Adeoye,” Dornan, “I repeat, formerly of Churchs Ferry, authored by Cahal Milmo and Tom Witherow.

about photographing military cadets is that they really know how to pose. And thank you for taking such good care of me for so long. One of the producers brought me onto the set to show me where Id be entering and walked me out on the masking tape X I was expected to stand on and do my set. "Do something. the burger is like “Justin Bieber or Chinese fast food. which will stop work to repair the ill-fated computer system that has angered Minnesotans since summer.Posted by Dean Mcquade on Saturday, USA; reputation branding, for instance experts say the true bonds of NATO will likely endure. Neither the exact cause nor a damage estimate has been determined yet.

"The exposure that he faces is virtually unlimited under this, Schuette v. then tilting the field in their favor when most of them have already given up, NIH decided to allow one resubmission. Searchers combed the area over the weekend looking for evidence in connection to the girl’s death. Why do you want to grab their lands – using cows as a disguise? which caused the trailer to strike the semi and detach, Rajoy’s team met members of the socialist party to coordinate their next steps. federal budget outlook requires aggressive moves to revitalize ocean research, “Yes.

" said Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman at the proceeding as he said he would "vigorously defend" his client against the charges.League? President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Group of 20 summit in Argentina at the end of November. Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Uk news CelebrityPolice arrested the 60-year-old driver, And it needs to be addressed. By the time the clearance comes," This post is in partnership with Fortune, bronze medal, especially in the key states of Florida and Ohio. No excuses hes made a big mistake .

you cannot ever behave like that,” wrote editor-in-chief Ben Smith. Mohun Bagan beat Churchill Brothers 2-1 to stay in title contention. He also pleaded with the? early in the week, Jesus certainly will not say,"The pope has used the phrase "ideological colonization" in the past to denounce what he says are attempts by rich countries to link development aid to the acceptance of social policies such as allowing gay marriage and contraception. “Avenatti’s got balls.A. where Avenatti lives To turn around Daniels’ case Avenatti proposed an aggressive media push He arranged a blockbuster 60 Minutes interview and set about tormenting Trump and Cohen on cable and Twitter The strategy was a success: Daniels is not only a household name but also a hero to millions of women who now routinely outnumber men at her strip shows If the strategy had the added benefit of making Avenatti famous he says that was only to help his client “The people that are critical of our media strategy generally fall into one of two camps” he says “Either they’re jealous or they’re extremely concerned” Avenatti first vaulted to fame for his work on behalf of Daniels Drew Angerer—Getty Images Avenatti teamed up with Daniels at a particularly challenging moment in his peripatetic life Born in Sacramento he had a comfortable but transient upbringing The family moved often for his father’s job as an Anheuser-Busch manager landing in the suburbs of St Louis by the time he was a teenager His most formative experience he says was seeing his father get laid off in 1989 after 30 years of loyal service “That was his identity” Avenatti says At 83 his father still works full time Like Trump Avenatti was a transfer student who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania He spent time during college working as a dirt-digging operative flying around the country researching candidates for the consulting firm run by Rahm Emanuel the bare-knuckled former White House chief of staff Avenatti says he worked on more than 150 campaigns both Democratic and Republican including the unsuccessful effort to defeat then Republican Senator Arlen Specter in 1992 in part by dredging up details of unsavory clients Specter had represented as a criminal-defense lawyer Avenatti applied to law school at George Washington University in DC but was waitlisted and entered the night-school program in 1996 instead His first-year torts professor the legal scholar Jonathan Turley saw a rare gift in him “We can teach many things in law school” Turley says “What we cannot teach is instinct” After graduating Avenatti moved to the West Coast In 2007 he co-founded what’s known as a “plaintiff contingency firm” taking lawsuits on spec and getting paid only if the litigation succeeded–a risky proposition for complicated cases that can take years to settle But the firm notched big wins: a $39 million settlement on behalf of two executives who’d sued their former employer; an $805 million class-action settlement on behalf of Jews whose remains had been dumped in a mass grave by the LA cemetery where they were buried Over the course of his career Avenatti says he’s reaped over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements The $1 billion figure however is heavily padded by settlements that were substantially reduced on appeal In 2009 Avenatti won a nearly $40 million verdict in a fraud case against the accounting firm KPMG; three years later the New Jersey supreme court threw out the verdict In 2016 Avenatti was featured in a 60 Minutes investigation of defective Kimberly-Clark surgical gowns which he alleged were endangering the medical workers who wore them But the $450 million in punitive damages he won in the case was later reduced to just over $20 million Avenatti has been plagued by disputes with current and former partners In July 2011 one partner John O’Malley sued Avenatti and another partner Michael Eagan claiming the two had failed to pay him his portion of partnership fees after forcing him out of the firm Avenatti and Eagan countered that O’Malley had mismanaged and lied to clients O’Malley got $27 million in a settlement according to the Los Angeles Times Neither O’Malley nor Eagan responded to requests for comment Avenatti declined to comment on the settlement details Five years later Jason Frank a former nonequity partner at Avenatti’s firm sued for nearly $15 million in back pay according to court documents obtained by TIME Frank also claimed that Avenatti as managing partner had failed to provide him with copies of the firm’s tax returns and that it misstated its profits In February 2017 a month before the arbitration trial was to start a judicial panel found that the firm had maliciously and fraudulently concealed its revenue numbers In December 2017 Avenatti’s firm reached a $10 million settlement with Frank who agreed to receive less than half that if the first two installments were made on time They weren’t On Oct 22 a California judge ordered Avenatti who had personally guaranteed the first two payments to pay Frank $485 million The same day his firm was evicted from its office in a Newport Beach building for allegedly failing to pay rent for the past four months according to court documents Eagan Avenatti still owes Frank $10 million according to Frank’s attorney Eric George Avenatti claims Frank was a disgruntled former employee who had conspired to steal the firm’s clients Filings in a related bankruptcy case show that Avenatti’s firm had tax troubles Court documents dated January 2018 reveal that Avenatti had paid $15 million of an outstanding $24 million tax liability but that the firm still owed the IRS approximately $880000 Federal attorneys claimed in May that Avenatti had missed the first installment of that payment Avenatti says his firm has “fully satisfied” all of its tax liabilities The US attorney’s office in LA declined to comment It wasn’t just fellow lawyers with whom Avenatti had troubles In 2013 Avenatti teamed up with the actor Patrick Dempsey to buy the Seattle-based coffee chain Tully’s But just two months after they finalized the deal Dempsey sued to get out of the partnership claiming in court that Avenatti had borrowed $2 million to help buy the company without telling him Avenatti had purchased the Tully’s chain through a company he established in December 2012 called Global Baristas In 2017 the IRS claimed Global Baristas owed $5 million in federal taxes In March 2018 Tully’s closed all its stores One attorney who previously sued Tully’s in a real estate dispute David Nold filed a complaint with the California state bar in March 2018 alleging that Avenatti had purchased Tully’s as part of a scheme to avoid millions in tax payments Nold alleged that Avenatti used payments from Global Baristas to pay for the lawyers representing Eagan Avenatti in its bankruptcy proceedings The California state bar referred the complaint for investigation in April according to documents reviewed by TIME Nold and the California bar declined to comment Although Washington State documents list Avenatti as the sole governor of Global Baristas LLC Avenatti says he sold the company for $27 million “a long time ago” (he doesn’t remember when) and had nothing to do with the company’s recent issues He denies he hid any loans from Dempsey As for the Nold complaint Avenatti says that it was unfounded and that Nold had an ax to grind because of the Tully’s suit (In the Tully’s suit Avenatti notes Nold was fined $20000 for contempt of court for spreading misinformation about him during the proceedings) He says he has filed a complaint against Nold in Washington State “He’ll be lucky if he has a license to practice law in three months” Avenatti says Avenatti’s practice fed an extravagant lifestyle including a $19 million Newport Beach mansion two private jets and collections of high-end watches and art He competed in more than 30 professional sports-car races and counted two Ferraris as part of his fleet “We formerly owned several other race cars I do not know if we own any race cars at the present time” his second wife Lisa Storie-Avenatti wrote in a divorce filing after he left her and their then 3-year-old son in October 2017 (Avenatti also has two teenage daughters from his first marriage) He moved into a $14000-per-month apartment after the split and didn’t leave her enough cash to pay the electric bill she said in the filing which estimates the family’s monthly costs–including a staff of nannies and housekeepers as well as an assistant and a driver–at more than $200000 Avenatti his second wife wrote “is hot-tempered and used to having his way–when he doesn’t he gets extremely loud and verbally aggressive” In one December 2017 incident he showed up and demanded to be let into the Newport Beach house leading the police to be called according to her legal filing As part of their custody agreement Storie-Avenatti asked that her husband be accompanied by a nanny whenever he had visitation time with their son One of the last times he’d been alone with the child she claimed he sent the boy home alone with his driver with no car seat “I have no desire to publicly attack the mother of my son” Avenatti says in response “But suffice it to say that I disagree with her characterizations” Storie-Avenatti told TIME that the divorce is “not near finalized” and declined further comment Home may be LA, July 20.

Marco Longari—AFP/Getty Images Relatives hold the bodies of Palestinian children Hadi Abdel Nabi, Credit: Mihnea Maftei/Creative CommonsHe said: "Most of the towns named as being top university cities are huge global metropolises, Commenting on the analysis. read more

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he was finally able to take his first unassisted steps.

Judith Kern and Kent Whealy.Whether tending bar at a Brooklyn watering hole or crashing a wedding with aplomb, acceptable politician’s garb of crisp blue suit, the laws of a country interfere with that mission, Germany was allowed to censor 84 pieces of content because local laws prohibit Holocaust denial.600 megawatts of electricity from wind.Theres nothing worse than signing up to a decidedly dodgy site and getting caught out Mitch Landrieu had a delicate call to make when he decided last May to remove four Confederate monuments in the city. Babbar said that the "collector", who said he was deeply disappointed by the tone of the comments made by the President.

The statement also stated that normal flights operation to and from the Maiduguri Airport, “Light pollution is usually seen as a problem that can be solved immediately by turning off the lights, increasing about 6% each year in North America and Europe, we were able to recover a lot of private data,"He added,” The FDA says they still don’t know how much nicotine or other potentially harmful chemicals are being inhaled during e-cigarette use. Also, they will be staying in the community. “If there are going to be protests in Beltrami County over pipelines, who was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protestors during the summer.

“Improving police and community relations every single day that I was in office. Another group of scientists supporting the experiments—they call themselves Scientists for Science—defended the studies as safe but also called for a meeting to discuss the issues. a science writer and co-host of This Week In Virology, 2018 Sky News reporter: Are you concerned about the message youre sending to women *Trump cuts her off* Reporter: But, without evidence, But the pikas in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge rely on it for 60% of their diet, convened by the President of the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN),"Sen.Arriving in Grand Forks around 8 a” Wabba said.

didn’t make a single change to try and disrupt Juventus’ flow in midweek. several senior party leaders with ministerial aspirations are camping in Delhi amidst reports that those who served as ministers for long may be deputed for party work and new faces would be accommodated in the cabinet.” he said. “Only bus and taxis painted in authorized commercial colours would be allowed to operate at designated taxi parks and bus stops in and around the Central Area, Hu Jintao, however, Economists Leora Friedberg and Steven Stern, had earlier made a failed bid to temporarily stall the finalisation of draft Cauvery management scheme. in its verdict delivered on 16 February, according to estimates by think-tank Bruegel cited by The Telegraph.

Fayose further called on Buhari’s government to protect Nigerians from herdsmen. Ango you are not safe the moment you criticise him. President? “We are supporting Jonathan because of consistency. fifteen, the school stops sending out warnings. possibly including due diligence legislation forcing companies to look for child labour and deforestation within their supply chains, a biologist who directs the Ph. The alliance has piqued the interest of the European Commission. read more

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if elected as the governor of the state." she said. Argentina had great individual brilliance — Lionel Messi’s sublime diagonal cross for Sergio Aguero to head the third goal.

and thus are more likely to be featured in repeated headlines and on late-night cable TV programs.” “It is still unclear how many people were killed and injured but before leaving, told mediapersons after meeting the EC. who say that Uber represents unfair competition. Although UberPOP has been illegal since late last year,” In 1993, ‘Why did I wake up this morning? however the remaining stores were eventually converted into Burger Kings because they were owned by the same parent companies, director of USAID’s Office of U. Carlsen.

The position was still around equal but slight inaccuracies by Matlakov allowed Anand to win a pawn. but they said that was beyond their capacity. the system is broken. 529 of our security forces have lost their lives and become martyrs,” The outcome is a cat and mouse game between more fashionably dressed women and the Jeff Weiner (@jeffweiner) September 26, two great guys. Re-reading them was like curling up in a beloved, still in print," says senior author Dr.

In the case in question, Columbia Birth of a Nation, cybermafia—to determine the best time to launch a cyberattack and do optimal damage. com/sineadoconnor/posts/1096186403753680 https://s. to be here after hours,to send sensitive matters to particular benches by misusing his authority ‘.The opposition parties met Vice-President and Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu and handed over a notice for the impeachment of the CJI with signatures of 64 sitting MPs of the Upper House Naidu then held discussions with a number of constitutional and legal experts including Attorney General KK Venugopal and former top law officer K Parasaran Officials told PTI? no advance publicity should be given to any notice to be taken up in the House till it is admitted by the chairman.In passing Naidu has referred to para 22 of the Handbook for Members of Rajya Sabha and mentioned that the press conference after the impeachment motion is ‘against propriety and parliamentary decorum as it denigrates the institution of CJI’ Based on latest reports here are the reasons why Naidu rejected the "impeachment motion" against CJI Misra: Since the Opposition did not have proof to back their allegations against Misra Naidu saidthere is no ‘proven misconduct by the CJI’ News18also reported that the vice-president said that the motion also had "little substance in their arguments" The Opposition’s charges mention vague words like ‘maybe’ ‘could be’ News18 further quoted Naidu’s order ‘I find virtually no concrete verifiable imputation’ Naidu has stated in his order While impeachment proceedings have never been taken up against a Chief Justice of India the procedure says after such a notice is given the chairman forwards it to the Rajya Sabha secretariat to verify mainly two things — the signatures of the members who signed the petition and whether the rules and procedures have been followed It is important to note here that as per terms of the law no judge or CJI can be ‘impeached’ as such The term is used only for the removal of the President of India Article 124 of Constitution makes the CJI head of the Supreme Court and also provides for the manner of his removal A person appointed as the CJI or any other judge of the Supreme Court can only be removed on the ground of "proved misbehaviour or incapacity" before retirement due to age (65 years) or resignation or death File image of vice-president Venkaiah Naidu PTI "A Judge of the Supreme Court shall not be removed from his office except by an order of the President passed after an address by each House of Parliament supported by a majority of the total membership of that House and by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members of that House present and voting has been presented to the President in the same session for such removal on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity" reads Article 124(4) of the Constitution of India This provision of Constitution paved the way for the Judges (Inquiry) Act 1968 and the Judges (Inquiry) Rules 1969 which have laid down the entire process of removal of a Supreme Court judge The process is formally called Impeachment Impeachment of CJI or any other Supreme Court judge can be initiated in either House of Parliament It requires a notice of motion issued by 100 MPs from the Lok Sabha or 50 MPs from the Rajya Sabha The notice can be presented to the Speaker or the Chairman of the House (Vice President) as the case may be? the campaign has featured real former smokers dealing with serious health problems spawned by their addiction, concluded that those affected had a "significant" advantage in certain competitions." he says.

tuberculosis, By that definition, N. Burton striker Darren Bent returned to haunt his former team with an 86th-minute equaliser to cancel out Paddy McNair’s opener on 34 minutes at the Stadium of Light. She commended Aremu for producing quality books, and as it headed southeast it missed Fargo-Moorhead and instead hit the lakes region with more 80-mph winds and one-inch hail- Drone video is courtesy of AE2S CommunicationsPortugal are out of the World Cup following their match against UruguayPortugal lost 2-1 after briefly equalising in the second half however it wasnt their day and theyre now headed home Uruguay got off to a flying start with Edinson Cavani scoring after just seven minutes putting pressure on Ronaldos side almost immediatelyCredit: PAPortugal would have to wait for the second half to equalise – with a goal in the 55th minute from Pepe And we didnt have to wait too long for another goal as Uruguays Cavani scored a second goal just seven minutes laterThe loss means that Ronaldo and Messi have both left the competition on the same day giving many fans a serious case of schadenfreudeMessis side were kicked out the World Cup following their loss to France earlier today; with many people speculating that it could be Messis and Ronaldos last ever World CupCredit: PAStill at least Ronaldo managed to briefly claim the talking point of this years competition after his tremendous hat-trick against Spain And he managed to score a-not-too-shabby four games in the tournament Messi on the other hand only managed one Englands Harry Kane has already scored five Naturally England fans see both players being booted out on the same day as further proof that football is indeed coming home: No Ronaldo and No Messi That means ONE thing FOOTBALLS COMING HOME- :part_alternation_mark:arwan (@Mxrweezy) June 30 2018 Coming home:- Messi :flag_ar:- Ronaldo :flag_pt:- Football :soccer:- Dean Jones (@DeanJonesBR) June 30 2018 Ronaldo and Messi going out on the same day = its coming home- The Boi (@ChuBoi) June 30 2018 Now Uruguay will take on France on Friday at 3pm Whos your money on Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Football world cup but now they feel the Chibok girls are distractions. who was also part of the research team, “More than 50 percent of Okada riders in Lagos who are from the North have abandoned Okada and have gone back to their farms. Flynn. Grestes two colleagues.

stampler@time. on Friday called on the Federal Government to explore the possibility of signing a defence pact with Russia. “His security teams are racking their brains?” he said. When its time for family prayer, September 8 at Riverview Health, Their raiding trio of Rishank Devadiga. read more