Dan finishes the project smoothing the grout betw

first_img Dan finishes the project, smoothing the grout between blocks. [Photo: SA & text: JS] The Light-scoop apartment in Unit 6, a residential unit for 1 or 2 people, is fitted with a glass block wall around the shower. Planning Coordinator Dan Kelliher and June 20. workshopper Steve Kelly are taking great care to ensure the blocks are installed with a professional finish. [Photo: ASP & text: JS] November 2, 2004 Construction and Planning crews have been working together with workshoppers to finish out the new units in the East Crescent. The 3-story building includes residential units, class rooms, public restrooms, community and commercial spaces. Straight ahead is the 2nd story entrance to Unit 6. [Photo: ASP & text: JS] last_img

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