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Shujaat Bhukhari, of course, Idea has already accounted the proceed of Rs 4. you want to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. are far from the first Americans to lose sleep over the issues of racial violence and inequality in America When Thomas Jefferson that paradoxical slaveholder who proclaimed the equality of all realized that government compromise could not dispel the problems of slavery and race he wrote that his fears awoke him "like a fire bell in the night" Two generations later during the Civil War Moby-Dick author Herman Melville stood in the night on his Manhattan housetop as he watched the city burn The riots had begun when white citizens outraged by the new draft law turned their fury upon their black neighbors "No sleep" he wrote "The sultriness pervades the air / And binds the brain" It seemed to him that civilization was dissolving: that mankind was falling "whole aeons back in nature" The New York City draft riots were far worse than the revolt in Ferguson In them 120 people died And yet today 150 years after the Civil War the fire bells still ring and we need to ask why Part of the answer as I explore in my Mass Open Online Course on the Literature and Law of American Slavery is that while American law has changed dramatically some of our attitudes continue to resist reforming These attitudes have not only to do with race itself but with the role we are willing to give our governments in regulating our behavior Slavery as various commentators have seen was a form of privatized law enforcement Slavery gave slaveholders an array of powers the right to punish to incarcerate and in some instances even to kill that normally belonged only to the State The owner did what he thought necessary to preserve order and obedience and the government looked the other way As in the famous North Carolina case of State v Mann which held that shooting a slave was not a crime the South talked itself into believing that its private system was actually benevolent and that any attempt "by a Judiciary tainted with a false and fanatical philanthropy" to interfere would unleash an evil "more wicked and appalling" than the one it desired to amend The resistance to government control persists in our own time The kind of "Stand Your Ground" law that governed the Trayvon Martin case is a return to the idea of privatized law enforcement; like slavery it shifts the authorized use of violence into private hands Supporters of George Zimmerman understand one thing clearly: that freedom is precarious when separated from the power to defend it Yet arbitrary power over life and death is terrible and terrible is the law that authorizes any person who carries a gun as a potential judge and executioner What then if the person who wields the gun as in Ferguson wears a uniform One must sadly admit that throughout our history the State has been a less than perfect guardian of the lives and liberties of all its citizens The revolution in our constitutional law that followed the Civil War did more than free the slaves The Fourteenth Amendment for the first time guaranteed all Americans equal protection of the laws and declared that no state could deprive anyone of life liberty or property without due process of law The amendment intentionally nullified the Dred Scott decision in which Chief Justice Roger Taney infamously declared that blacks in America had "no rights which the white man was bound to respect" Yet the early history of the Fourteenth Amendment was notably perverse A series of Supreme Court cases construed the Amendment so narrowly as to give the rights of minorities almost no protection while tacitly affirming that the Amendment did confer the rights of citizenship on corporations For generations equal protection remained only a ghostly presence in the law The courts did nothing to eradicate the practice of treating blacks as second-class citizens And the habit grew ingrained In our own time the interpretation of the Constitution has markedly changed as have the opinions of all but a tiny fringe of Americans By law and by consent so automatic that we dont even think of it we all share the same restaurants the same hotels the same colleges Equality is for most of us not only a legal principle but an article of our national faith But in moments of passion anger and fear that faith can still be tragically suspended The doctrine of Chief Justice Taney obliterated from the law returns in the form of impulse and adrenalin And in some dark hearts perhaps Taneys words have remained law all along In Ferguson the ghost of Dred Scott is still there John Matteson is a Distinguished Professor of English at John Jay College of Criminal Justice City University of New York He is the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Eden’s Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father and will teach a free online course on "Literature and Law of American Slavery" beginning September 30 Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIDEAS Laurie Penny is the author of Unspeakable Things: Sex Lies and Revolution Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug It smothers the senses of societies that claim to despise sexual predators and yet keep giving them awards and electing them to office Right now all over the world in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein accusations women and girls are coming together in stunning numbers to finally name the men who have been hurting and humiliating them for so long Resistance to rape culture is going viral And polite society is expressing a certain amount of skepticism Can this really have been happening to so many women and girls If so why didn’t they speak out before Aren’t we all overreacting here We know there are men like Weinstein but he’s an outlier a rare breed of human monster surely Of course weve all heard rumors We all know an old-fashioned guy who gets handsy after a few drinks But surely we think he cant be an abuser Hes a colleague a family member a friend Can it really be true Yes I’m sorry but yes it can This is neither a trend nor an over-reaction This is a rebellion It’s a rebellion because it involves risk It takes fantastic courage to name your abuser Naming your abuser is an act of defiance It means overcoming every lesson youve ever internalized about what happens to women who make trouble To speak honestly about sexual violence to call rape and assault by their proper names is to defy the authority of men by denying them ignorance of the damage they do And there are always consequences for that defiance If you stand up to your rapist you risk being iced out of your industry called a liar and a lunatic being shamed and humiliated in public and punished in private That’s how structures of oppression work by excusing almost everyone involved from really knowing what theyre doing The reason that so many men can honestly claim not to have known the scale and extent of sexual abuse is that women and children have protected them from that knowledge Thats what rape culture is Its not just a system that allows rapists to get away with it Its a system that allows them to feel okay about it afterwards On the scale of convenient self-delusion “We didn’t know that every industry on earth was riddled with sexual violence” falls somewhere between "That guy will never make it to the White House" and "Its just a rash” Im sure that a lot of us on some level didnt really know Not really knowing is the favorite hobby of almost every citizen of an oppressive society I’m reminded of a passage in They Thought They Were Free Milton Mayers devastating account of the lives of former Nazi party members in small town Germany To a man none of them had known what was being done to the Jews Theyd heard rumors sure Theyd noticed their neighbors disappearing But nobody knew And at the same time everybody knew They did not know because they chose not to know because it was convenient not to connect the dots and then as one former Nazi told Mayer "One day too late your principles if you were ever sensible of them all rush in upon you The burden of self-deception has grown too heavy. On the activities of touts on roads across the state, or that he’s come a long way from his previous job at Highway 10 Liquor.making it to semis. and Firefox if you don’t have Chrome.

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